Directions :

Spread the adhesive on floor (at 6mm thick) and using suitable steel notch trowel. (Not more than 1 sq mtr. a time) press the tile / stone firmly in to the positions with a slightly twisting action and use suitable rubber mallet for gentle tamping. Use spacer of required size to maintain the uniform joint width (joint gaps of at least of 3mm shall be provided to facilitate movement)

Tiles have to be fixed within 20 min and can be adjusted upto 15-20 min. touch the ribs of the applied adhesive periodically, if skin has formed; replace the dry adhesive with fresh adhesive.

Periodically make sure that tiles are 100% adhesion with adhesive. After fixing the tile, excess adhesive on faces and at joints has to be cleaned periodically

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Usage :

Powder and clean water in ratio of (by weight) 4:1 until a lump free smooth paste of uniform mix is obtained, using heavy duty slow speed (less than 300 rpm) electrical drilling machine with spiral paddle attached. Thus, obtained mix has 3hrs of pot life.

Coverage :

Approximately 40 to 50 sq.ft per 20kg bag with 6mm bed thickness. Usage requirement are approximate only. Coverage will depend on the trowel used and the condition of the sub-floor .