Selection and blending of raw materials :

The initial stage involves carefully selecting the appropriate raw materials for KAG Tile Adhesive, which may include cement, sand, resins, and additives. These materials are then blended together in precise proportions to achieve the desired consistency and performance.

Heating and curing of the mixture :

Once the raw materials are blended, the mixture undergoes heating to activate the resins. This step involves subjecting the mixture to a specific temperature. Subsequently, the KAG Tile Adhesive mixture is allowed to cure or harden under controlled conditions, ensuring its durability and strength.

Quality control and testing :

KAG Tile Adhesive undergoes rigorous quality control measures and testing. These procedures ensure that the adhesive meets the necessary specifications and performance standards. Various tests are conducted to assess adhesive strength, flexibility, water resistance, and bonding properties.

Environmental considerations :

KAG Tile Adhesive manufacturing is focused on developing environmentally friendly adhesives. This involves minimizing the use of harmful chemicals, adopting sustainable sourcing practices for raw materials, and implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes.

Packaging and shipping :

After the KAG Tile Adhesive product has undergone the curing process, it is carefully packaged to maintain its quality. The packaged adhesive is then shipped to Distributors, Dealers and KAG Exclusive Show Rooms

Installation guidance and technical support :

Installation guidelines and technical support are provided. This includes detailed instructions on surface preparation, application methods, curing times, and recommended tools. Technical assistance and troubleshooting advice are also available to address any installation issues or concerns.