When it comes to selecting the perfect tiles for a construction project, Builders and Architects have high expectations in terms of durability, designversatility, functional durability, and value for money.

At KAG Tiles, we understand these expectations and have taken the initiative to meet them with our extensive range of tiles.

With over 2500+ ranges in our collection, KAG Tiles offers a wide variety of options for Builders and Architects to choose from. Our tiles are designed to be both sturdy and long-lasting, making them the ideal choice for high-traffic areas and frequent use.

Additionally, our tiles are highly versatile in design and application, allowing them to be used across multiple projects with ease.

At KAG India,Be it commercial or residential projects, KAG Tiles is the right choice. Our commitment to quality and affordability is reflected in our competitive pricing. With India's largest warehouses and biggest display centres located in Chennai, andour state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities situated in Morbi, Gujarat, we can supply any quantity of tiles across India by Road, Rail and Sea, with in a short span of time.

At KAG Tiles, we understand the importance of aesthetic appeal and functional durability, and our tiles are designed to meet the expectations of Builders and Architects a like.

KAG Tiles offers a wide range of tile products, starting from the low-end ceramic tiles to the high-end PGVT slabs. To help visualize these products, we have created a Visualizer app on our website. This app allows to previewour productsvirtually, and it provides a convenient way to make informed decisions about thetileproducts they need for their projects.

So, if you're a Builder or Architect across India looking for the perfect tilesforyour project, look no further than KAG Tiles.